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About Metal Products

At Laube, our aim is to eliminate any possible disadvantages associated with offshore sourcing of custom engineered metal components and yet allow our customers to enjoy its benefits. While cost reduction is certainly key to a customer’s needs, we understand that product quality and reliability of supply are crucial considerations in all outsourcing strategies.

Laube’s approach is straightforward; by understanding each of our suppliers’ capabilities and limitations, and also thoroughly recognizing our customer’s requirements, we offer the most reliable quality and cost efficient solution; be it castings, cold headed parts, forgings, stampings or threaded fasteners.

About Laube Titanium

Laube Titanium is a prominent supplier of high-quality titanium products — including titanium bars, sheets, plates, and tubes — to leading manufacturers in the aerospace, medical, and commercial industries founded in 1948

About Electronics

Laube Technology’s Electronics Division stands as a distinguished provider of top-tier electronics components—including Control Panel/Keyboard Assemblies, Flex Circuits, Membrane Keypads, Rubber Keypads, and Touchscreens—to major players in the industrial, medical, and commercial sectors. Established in 1948, we bring over 75 years of expertise to the electronics supply industry.