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About us

Our Journey and Strategic Evolution

History & Evolution:

Laube Technology’s origins trace back to 1948 with the founding of Laube Steel Company by Walter Ising in Chicago. Initially a distributor of steel mill products, we evolved into a major supplier across the Midwest, diversifying into a wide range of metals. Recognizing the potential of Asian markets, we relocated our corporate headquarters to the West Coast in 1961, becoming pioneers in importing metal products from the Far East. This visionary stance was further solidified in 1971 through the acquisition of Zamco International, enhancing our portfolio to include Electronic Components, Metal Products, and Steel Mill Products.

Since December 2020, under Dale Haslem’s leadership, Laube Technology has seen significant enhancements aimed at refining the customer experience. Dale’s initiatives, particularly in updating our data management systems and streamlining workflows, have led to faster order processing, more accurate product customization, and improved customer support efficiency. His approach combines a relentless pursuit of excellence with a commitment to cost reduction and operational efficiency, ensuring our customers benefit from both superior products and a seamless service experience. Dale’s forward-thinking mindset keeps us at the forefront of innovation, continually seeking ways to advance the customer experience and operational effectiveness at Laube Technology.

Under the ongoing stewardship of the Ising family, and now with Dale Haslem’s innovative direction, Laube Technology remains committed to its three specialized divisions:
  • Man Machine Interface Devices: Your source for customized control panels, keyboard assemblies, and the highest quality solid state relays and sensors.
  • Metal Products: Experts in custom-engineered metal components.
  • Titanium Mill Products: The industry leader in titanium grades and shapes, proudly operating as a subsidiary of Laube Technology. Discover our capabilities at Laube Titanium.
Praised for our reliability and quality, Laube Technology is more than a supplier; we’re a partner dedicated to enhancing your operational efficiency and reducing costs through strategic global sourcing.

Our Approach & Services

Laube Technology ensures a seamless logistics and procurement process from the moment your order is placed to its delivery. We handle all aspects of importation, such as freight, duty, wharfage, and more, typically included in your purchase price, to simplify your experience. Our inside project managers work closely with you to develop delivery schedules aligned with your production needs, effectively reducing the need for excessive inventory and optimizing cash flow. With strategic warehousing across the U.S. and meticulous delivery planning, we offer not just products but tailored solutions designed to enhance your manufacturing processes and financial health.
Laube Technology’s evolution continues to be fueled by a commitment to innovation, quality, and a customer-centric approach. We are excited to embark on this journey of continuous improvement and invite you to experience the enhanced value and service that define the new Laube Technology.
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